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"Chinese think-tank analysts and scholars on the mainland have remained largely silent on this particularly sensitive topic [Covid demonstrations]".

What need they say?

The demonstrations were tiny compared to Hong Kong's in 2019, but otherwise similar in every respect:

1. Clustered around US and French consulates

2. Copiously attended by foreign media

3. Foreign agents, journalist- provocateurs were prominent, led by the BBC

4. Foreign media ignored overwhelming domestic Chinese support for government policies.

Over 3 Covid years, US GDP grew 3.4%, with 1,000,000 Covid deaths and 3,000,000 Long Covids.

China's GDP grew 13.8%, with 7,000 deaths and 38,000 Long Covids.

The 7 day rolling average of NEW CASES per million people is China 20, US 100.

Deaths per million? China 0.0003, USA 0.8, and China's testing regime catches every case.

95% of China deaths are unvaccinated. China's inactivated vaccines prevent serious illness and death as well as Pfizer's more dangerous and untested mRNA non-vaccine invention.

Dynamic Covid Zero is 400% more profitable for Chinese than Let 'er Rip.

Dynamic Covid Zero saves 800% more Chinese lives than Let 'er Rip.

82% of Chinese support Dynamic Covid Zero because it's extremely cost-effective – and most have zero quarantine experience anyway.

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