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It would be so simple for China to conquer the heart of the liberal democracies:

1) nobody can understand why the bloody hell is china insisting like crazy to invade Taiwan

2) stop to be SADISTIC towards Hong Kong libertarians and, generally speaking, be a 'State of police' using the typical dictatorship terror and torture means against peaceful dissent, as it would be terrified by the best minds suggestions to develope in a better place to live peacefully and not under the terror of the police, courts, injuste judges also submissive to angry politicians instead of balanced respect of differen suggestions.

3) avoid genicides… all said

4) give back the independence to Tibet, so cruelly devastated by an avid greediness to dominate who is weaker and peaceful.

5) stop to be the bad copy of the u.s. finance dominated policy.

6) have the courage to claim that the religious and imperialistic madness of the present 'russian' dictatorship doesn't belong to the chinese political vision and can't be an example more than stalin and hitler were.

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